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1. Single-purpose machines

  • Assembly lines and devices for automobile industry and electrical engineering
  • Metal-working and welding machines
  • Tightening machines
  • Exsiccative ovens
  • Labelling and marking machines
  • Hydraulic and vulcanization presses

2. Plastics industry

  • Extrusion lines for production of profiles, foils, planks and sheathings
  • Confection and wrapping lines
  • Gear pumps and liquid alloy filters
  • Machines for cleaning of metal parts soiled with plastics
  • Machines for production of pellets
  • Measuring devices for rheological aspects of polymers

3. Testing machines and devices

  • Dynamic and static hose testers
  • Testers of fragility, flexibility, mechanical and ozone resistance
  • Testers of water- and gas permeability
  • Material flammability testers
  • V-belt measuring devices
  • Testers of pressure tanks up to 1200 bar

4. Construction industry

  • Mixing equipment
  • Weighing and dosage of loose materials

5. Others

  • Development of custom software for ex. for the purpose of data monitoring
  • Distribution boards production
  • Wiring for metallic trailers KV400